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Your Destiny?

Life Coach West Arden Morris
Wes Morris Inspires



People are discovering Westley's story every day. He is compelling, brutally honest, and high-energy. Westley connects with people in a real way and inspires them to make better choices in life and to be the best version of themselves.


Does your group, school, business, or organization need to hear this message? Can you afford not to?

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WAM Inspires


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Public Speaker

  • Delivers a dynamic message about life, getting unstuck, managing priorities, and overcoming adversity.

  • Speaks descriptively about the power of visualization and self-imagery.

  • Captures the hearts and minds of his audience in his tell-all story of survival and the power of resilience.

  • Through his speaking, Westley shares some key principles that he has mastered in order to go from rock bottom, to the leader he is today.

  • Find your passion for life again and thrive in everything that you do.

  • Ignite the fire within your team or organization again with a speaking and presenting workshop to develop better communication fundamentals.

Public Speaker Westley Arden Morris

Life Coach

  • One-on-one life coaching consists of the following, 30-45 min sessions 1-2x a week.

  • We will develop a game plan for the next 120 days.

  • We will create a mental model of perfection in terms of the areas of life that we want and deserve.

  • We will introduce the 7 laws of creation into our lives and apply them.

  • We will manifest great things into our lives that we never thought were possible.

  • Remove the mental barriers that are holding you back from the life that you want and deserve.

  • Re-align your life with your purpose and vision.

  • Live your life with passion and drive again!

Motivational Speaker Wes Morris
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Joetta Clark

4 Time Olympic Athlete, Fitness/Life Coach, Author, Business Leader

Jamie Davison

Jamie Davison

Dynamic Counseling Associates

David Tyree

David Tyree

NY Giants

Paul Martinelli

Paul Martinelli

Speaker, Mentor, Coach

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"Before reaching out to Wes, I was feeling burnt out, overwhelmed, and full of fear for my future. I was moving in circles and feeling like most days I was just doing the bare minimum. From day one with Wes, I have been given the tools and support to make incredible changes in my life. I went from not being willing to wake up any earlier than 7:00am to getting up at 5:50am each day excited to work out, meditate, and work on myself. With Wes’ guidance and encouragement I have improved my health, decreased my anxiety, and now have a strong sense of direction and purpose in my life. These changes have allowed me to manifest amazing things in my life like buying a building for my business and getting engaged to the love of my life. I’m truly living in abundance and enjoying the process of deepening my understanding of myself. I cannot thank Wes enough for what he’s done for me!"

- Jamie W.


How Can I Help?

Have you ever been locked out of your car or your house? Do you know that feeling of being stuck? I am the guy that shows up with the keys. The keys to unlocking your full potential and getting you to a place that you never thought was possible.

Keynote Speaker Westley Morris

If you can see it in your mind, you can hold it in your hand.

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