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Life Coach Wes Morris


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Westley does not consider himself a “coach”. He is a transformation specialist. He is a results-driven consultant. He uses his Ph.D. in life to completely decapitate any limiting beliefs that my clients may have about any situation that they are trying to improve or overcome.


Westley is a true believer that you cannot see the whole picture when you're standing in the frame. Also, he takes a “no horse shit” approach to transform my clients' lives in whatever area that we are focusing on. Westley holds the keys to the locked doors of your life. On the other side of those doors Is a life called your full potential where you get to do, have, and be whatever it is that your mind can conceive.


This is not a theory. Westley literally went from being a homeless heroin addict that lost his driver's license for 22 years to becoming a successful business owner operating multiple businesses. A successful husband and father. A successful speaker and working with Some of the highest level professional athletes and executives. Westley's approach towards transformation it's not something that he read or heard in a seminar. He literally transformed his own life through this process. The one thing that makes Wesley different is that he genuinely and wholeheartedly cares about your life.

Personal Coach Westley Arden Morris
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5 Key Areas

Personal Trainer Wes Morris
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Fitness Coaching

This is by far the most important area to master. Without good health both mentally and physically, nothing else in our lives matters. No one wants to be the wealthiest, most popular person in the graveyard. We have to create a health plan that we stick to consistently. For myself, I like to use the Minimum effective dosage approach. This means that I maintain my health by being intentional every day about taking positive action toward maintaining my mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being.

Happy Family
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Family Coaching

I made the mistake of placing the value of business, money, and social acceptability ahead of my family life for a period of 5 years. I often think back in regret of how I missed out on some of the most precious years of my daughter's life. Time is the most valuable commodity that a human being possesses. Once it is spent we can never get it back. I help my clients seek clarity and if needed,  restructure their value system so that what they REALLY want becomes extremely clear to them in their home life.

Piggy Bank

Money, Finance, & Business Coaching

This is an area that I struggled with for years. I went from literally being homeless to living a life of abundance. I have spent the last 20 years plagued with one question. "Why is it that some people live a life of abundance in various areas of their lives while others struggle to get by their whole lives?" I found the answer! It's the way they think! I transform clients' financial lives so that it is no longer a source of anxiety anymore. It's a certainty and freedom.

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Friendship & Relationship Coaching

For years I participated in superficial, meaningless relationships that were based on circumstances rather than principles. I transform people's lives and show them how to attract quality relationships with positive people of substance that participate in the reciprocation of adding value to each other's lives. The only way to add value to others is to become a person of value.

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Faith Coaching

I am by no means a pastor or bible quoting religious extremist. I consider myself spiritual rather than religious. My clients are free to believe in whatever their hearts desire. I am here to strengthen and cultivate that relationship as well as encourage the maturity of this area. I am in no position to force my opinions onto what a person should or shouldn't believe in. I am simply here to guide you in whatever direction you feel is right for you.

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