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Meet Westley Morris

When your "WHY" is greater than your "HOW", nothing can stand in your way.

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Growing up around an immense amount of violence, crime, prostitution, drug use, and divorce. Westley developed very low self-esteem, harboring anger and resentment towards himself and others as a result of watching his mother being arrested for running a prostitution enterprise out of her massage business at the age of 12. Westley turned to drugs and alcohol to cope with his emotions at the age of 13. The unfavorable results of his drug use showed up in his life rather quickly. By the time he was 19 years old, he had already spent time in juvenile detention centers and alternative behavioral schools, even losing his driver's license for 22 years as a result of three DUIs and numerous underage drinking charges. At the age of 15, Westley walked into a room to find his older sister blue in the face and unresponsive due to a heroin overdose. He was forced to learn that life can be a cruel and unfair place at a very young age.


After failing out of school and trying to run from his issues, Westley moved to Philadelphia Pennsylvania at the age of 25. Not long after, he became a homeless, hopeless, heroin addict and was reduced to an animalistic level, panhandling and defecating in the Kennsington section of North Philadelphia.


Through the process of change and development, he began to change his habits, circle of influence, and mindset.  In 2015, Westley heard the calling from a divine voice that said “Go help your Mother”. With no formal education, Westley grew that same massage business by 1017% in 5 years during a global pandemic. All while riding a bicycle 8 miles to get to work. Westley has now grown 3 successful businesses and has helped thousands of people to believe that what once seemed impossible is now possible. He is a business owner, father, husband, leader, speaker, motivator, consultant, and most of all your friend.


Westley has a story of hope, resilience, perseverance, determination, and commitment. Westley captures his audience with his energetic style of speaking and adds value to his clients by giving them the tools they need to overcome any obstacle. He transfers emotion to others through his tell-all story and has been known to cause even the hardest man to tear up.

  • I am a John Maxwell certified Speaker, Coach, and Trainer. This qualifies me to speak on the following books by John Maxwell, “21 irrefutable laws of Leadership”, “15 invaluable laws of growth”, “Everyone communicates, few connect”, “Becoming a Person of Influence”.

  • I am qualified to speak on the following topics: Inspire the lion within, When life punches….punch back, Addiction, entrepreneurship, leadership, team building, Team culture, peer pressure, business motivation,  self-awareness and self-development, overcoming adversity, influence, goal achievement, win the morning to win the day.



  • Recipient of the 2019- “Rising Star Award” – Stream Energy

  • Recipient of the 2021- “Good Samaritan award” – Common Wealth of Pennsylvania House of Representatives

  • 2023 Most Influential man in the Lehigh Valley by Lehigh Valley Style Magazine

  • 2023 Good Samaritan Award in Northampton County

Motivational Speaker Wes Morris
Achievement Through Adversity News Article
Wes Morris, Servant Leader
The John Maxwell Team Certification
Stream 2018 Rising Star Finalist Award
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